New York Singer-Songwriter


Grew up in the suburbs of Maryland, Joan enjoyed singing but rarely shared her talents with others. Because of her love for music and entertaining, Joan instead put her knowledge and talents towards becoming a Radio DJ. This aspiration led her to graduate from Montgomery College’s Radio Communication program. At MC, she realized that she was more interested in the voice over aspect of radio and became very comfortable working with a microphone and learned quickly that she had a unique sounding voice. Hoping to become a voice over artist, Joan moved to NYC in the summer of 2008. Though her voice over skills came naturally, she realized that her heart was just not in it. Knowing that she truly wanted to sing,  she found a choir group called the Gotham Rock Choir . With GRC, Joan was able to share her love of singing with fellow talented musicians. There they helped her grow and mature as an artist and made her realize her true passion in life - singing. Since then she has been a part of a couple side projects including, co-founding a co-ed acapella group called TSG from 2012-2014, part of an acoustic duo Joan and Bailey and in 2015 she was featured on a single with Jamie Antonelli. After a small hiatus, Joan decided it was time to take a leap of faith and become an official solo artist. She is currently writing and recording her debut album entitled Mercury Rising.