Joan Mercury Face Obstacles With Her New Single "Purpose" - Behind The Music

Band Name: Joan Mercury

Song name: Purpose

Music Genre:: Pop / R&B / Soul

I live in... : New York, NY

Link to play::

This song is about...

Purpose is an inner monologue. No matter what obstacles you may have faced, be kind to yourself. Sometimes we let the self-depreciating thoughts get the best of us. It's easier said than done, but trust your instincts and know anything is possible. Others might doubt your abilities and test you, so be your biggest cheerleader. You can't rely on others to do it for you. Believing in yourself, is the best armor you can have.

My music is...

I like to call it groovy truth. 
It's groovy and it's my truth. 
I love how its got a good beat and a good message.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..

This release is the lead single to my debut album "Mercury Rising," which chronicles the stages of healing and finding yourself again after a toxic relationship. This track represents the part of the album where the focus shifts towards the self. It showcases so much of who I am, because I can be my biggest cheerleader and at times my own worst enemy. 
Starting over in general is not always the easiest but the beauty is that you can start over at any point in life. I use affirmations a lot so in a way this was my affirmation song to remind myself that anything is possible. 

I just try to be true to myself and not worry about what everyone else thinks.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking

I always try to learn from the artists that have inspired me. Learn what worked for them and what didn't. One thing I learned from them is to know who you are before you step into this business. The last thing that you want is for someone to mold you into someone you don't know or even like. Be your authentic self and trust your instincts. Fame does not equal happiness.

Creating music has been extremely therapeutic for me…

By sharing my experiences through each song I write, allows me to honor my emotions, validate my feelings and really get to know I am.

It then has the ability to resonate with someone else; help them through a difficult time, validate their feelings or can simply give them a new perspective.

That is so powerful. Music truly has the ability to heal and I love that I’m able to use my hardships and lessons learned to help others. 

It’s probably the most gratifying thing I have ever experienced.

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