#FeatureFriday: Learn Your Soul’s “Purpose” With Joan Mercury’s New Single - Woman Crush Music

#FeatureFriday: Learn Your Soul’s “Purpose” With Joan Mercury’s New Single

“Cause I see fire and passion let’s throw those doubts in the flames
You’ve gotta want and desire just trust yourself once again
Cause you’ve gotta purpose
You’ve gotta purpose”

New York City soul/sophisti-pop artist Joan Mercury gave #WomenCrush Music the honor of exclusively releasing the new music video for self-empowerment anthem “Purpose,” the single off of her debut album “Mercury Rising” (released October 9th). With no formal training, Joan has entered the NYC scene with a bang, playing at The Bowery Electric, Treehaus Mia Mia, Parkside Lounge, and Metropolitan Room. Now, she’s ready to take the leap and perform with a full band in 2019.

Her song “Purpose” was born after a series of events including moving to NYC, ending a toxic five-year relationship, therefore not knowing where to find her tribe or what steps to take next. As a child, Joan was discouraged from pursuing her musical talents; but seeking some emotional relief during this time, she started singing cover songs on YouTube. She wasn’t singing for anyone’s approval, but soon enough she was receiving inquiries from producers. That’s when she began transforming her personal journaling into intentional lyrics that we can now all relate to.

Purpose is an inner monologue. No matter what obstacles you may have faced, be kind to yourself. Sometimes we let the self-deprecating thoughts get the best of us, and it can really hinder us from living out our dreams. It’s easier said than done, but trust your instincts and know anything is possible. Others might doubt your abilities and test you, so be your biggest cheerleader. You can't rely on others to do it for you. Believing in yourself, is the best armor you can have.” - Joan Mercury

Joan sees every step of her journey as part of her artistic evolution. In a world where so much of what we do is judged on the Internet, this is definitely a mindset to aspire to. She went from being told not to sing as a child, to now, inspiring New York and hopefully soon, the world, to keep rising up.
You don’t have to have a ‘belty’ voice for people to hear you,” says Joan.

You just have to remember that you have a purpose, and people WILL listen.  

Watch Joan Mercury’s music video below & keep up with her by visiting her site www.joanmercury.com and following her on her socials @joan_mercury.

  • Feature by: Ashley Kervabon-Stoyanov

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